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District 3 deserves a commissioner who is truly dedicated to our community and its well-being. It's disheartening to witness the district's decline since my departure, and I firmly believe we can do better. Our constituents deserve strong and consistent leadership that will address the pressing issues we face today.

Audrey is ready to lead and advocate for our community, tackling the important issues head-on.


Empowering Residents, Restoring Prosperity to Miami-Dade County Commission District 3!

  - Audrey


Audrey is committed to revitalizing District 3 and ensuring a brighter future for its residents with her hands-on approach, accessibility, and dedication to bringing positive change. Prior to joining the Commission, she served as Mayor of the Village of El Portal. Audrey M. Edmonson is the mother of Dr. Ebony Nicole Dunn and Louis Ivory Edmonson and the proud grandmother to Bianca Alexandria Casher, Lorilai, Louis Jr., and Major Edmonson.



Known as the Commissioner who gets things done, Audrey M. Edmonson is a fearless, results-driven public servant committed to making a positive difference in our community. Edmonson stands ready to lead and brings her extensive experience, dedication, and proven track record to tackle the challenges facing Miami-Dade County Commission District 3 residents and Miami-Dade County. Audrey M. Edmonson's commitment to public service and her dedication to her constituents have been the hallmarks of her public service career. During her tenure as County Commissioner, from 2005 to November 2020, Edmonson was renowned for her ability to get things done, earning the trust and admiration of the residents she served.

Her colleagues unanimously elected her to serve a two-year term as Board Chair for 2019-20. She previously served as Vice-Chair from 2016 to 2018 and from 2010 to 2012. 


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" The time to act is now! We owe it to future generations to step up our efforts and fight for the things that matter to our community. I am determined to be a hands-on, accessible leader who will tirelessly advocate for the residents I serve."

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